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Apart from being the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency trading platform Exchago is the most simple and easy trading platform you will ever experience. Highly interactive UI, advanced control panel, and user-friendly screen you can get the job done without any brainstorming. In order to get started with Exchago, all you need to do is register to our trading platform, create a wallet, deposit yours balance and start trading on right away.

As mentioned above creating and verifying the account is easy and hassle-free. Input the valid details and activate your account by confirming the email send to your registered email. Once you have successfully confirmed your account you can start setting up your wallet and transfer the funds directly to it. Secondly, you can choose the favorite pair of cryptocurrencies you want to trade or you can buy any other tokens you want and store into your wallet. Similarly, you can execute the sell order once you think the coin has reached your desired price. All of this can be done within a few clicks.  

Create Account

In 3 simple steps you can start trading, store and accept dryptocurrency from yours customers and website, register, activate yours account via email, and complete yours profile.

Safe & Secure

When it comes to security we utilize the OpenSSL Encrypting, password hashing, and WAF security for all the transaction on the platform. Our servers also protected with Arbor firewall to ensure the maximum security at roots. When it comes to the security of the storage, we are soon bringing the cold storage option while the advanced encryption does the job to secure your funds online.


Buy & Sell

Start trading cryptocurrency with our trading platform, using simple or advanced trading arena platforms, we gives you full automatic trading bots, powerful match engine and trading offers from other known trading platforms.


bank of the Future

Crypto trading and investing seem to be as prevalent as stock trading and investing. Crypto investments and trading have become one of the most popular instruments to park the investors’ money after the recent advancements in blockchain technology and wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies. However, current issues associated with trading and exchange platforms have become a crucial hurdle in way of crypto traders. Higher fees & deposits, security concern, privacy issues, lack of decentralization etc. are amongst the top obstacles faced by investors and traders. After analyzing these issues and discussing with the number of traders, we feel proud to announce the new generation crypto trading platform Exchago as the solution to all the issues mentioned above.  


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Why Exchago

Competitive Benefit

Exchago is the new generation of digital currency exchage & store solutions,
Full 24x7 support, Cloud Servers, advanced security experts and more.

Safe & Secure
Tokens Support
Easy Payment
Daily Cash Outs
Smart Application
Our Core Team

Professional Experts

We are here for you anytime, our core team will provide you the best solution for your needs!


Daniel Danilovich

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Daniel Danilovich

Daniel the key person behind the whole concept of the Exchago and its core technology Crypt of Cash. Daniel, with his life dedicated to technological development, started endeavoring the blockchain technology five years ago and today is he considered as one of the best technological entrepreneurs, web designer, and marketing expert. He has spent almost 25 years of his life developing distinctive projects successfully and now he is trying to bridge the gap between the blockchain technology and real life with his Exchago and COFC projects.


Roman Moratov

Roman has done considerable work in the development of cloud computing businesses. In fact, he is the founder of the CloudBiz, Israel. CloudBiz is one of the leading companies providing the cloud computing solution from small size businesses to large size organization. His expertise lies within web developing, Linux administration and MCSE

Our Experts


Gil Solomon



Gil Solomon

Adv. Solomon acts for clients in a variety of cross-border corporate transactions with an emphasis on cryptocurrency and blockchain, technology and venture capital investments.
Prior to founding Solomon Tzur, Adv. Solomon has worked in the Corporate departments of Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal and Fischer Behar Well Orion & Co., two of Israel's leading firms, where Adv. Solomon has provided general counsel to various clients and companies (both privately owned companies and publicly traded companies), with an emphasis on venture capital and private equity financing, technology and life sciences, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, as well as ongoing work in connection with the day-to-day aspects of various companies and clients.
Adv. Solomon has also served as an in-house legal counsel in iAngels, one of the most prominent and active venture capital funds in Israel, and in iCapital, Israel's leading Cryptocurrency investment platform as well as its cryptocurrency fund Juno Capital, one of the world's first blockchain funds, where he has advised and led numerous cryptocurrency investment transactions and had gained extensive experience by participation in various initial coin offerings which evidently led him to become the one of the world's most experienced attorneys in the field of Cryptocurrency to date.
Prior to practicing law, Adv. Solomon has been involved in the High-Tech and Bio-Med industries in several positions such as: Software Tester, Sr. Software Tester and Test Designer..


Abraham Tzur



Abraham Tzur

Adv. Tzur specializes in international-commercial transactions with a dominant technology component and advises hi-tech and technology-oriented companies in connection with their continuous operations, financing transactions, and all sorts of merger and acquisition transactions in which they are involved. In addition, Adv. Tzur specializes in corporate financing, the drafting and negotiation of commercial and technology agreements, and commercial and technology issues relating to intellectual property and life sciences.
Prior to founding Solomon Tzur, Adv. Tzur has worked in the Technology & M&A departments of Goldfarb Seligman & Co. and Dentons Europe LLP’s London office.
In addition, Adv. Tzur has worked in the R&D Unit of Rambam Health Care Campus.

Exchago App

Download Mobile App - Soon

In order to bring the convenience and reliability & make on the go trading, we have also introduced the Android and iOS Exchago application. These apps are smart, fun and easy to use. You can do almost everything such as checking your balance, execute the transactions, accept the payments etc. right at your fingertips. So, what are you waiting for? Try exchago today and experience the new generation crypto trading platform.



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. Essentially, cryptocurrencies are limited entries in a database that no one can change unless specific conditions are fulfilled.
ERC-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and 20 is the number that was assigned to this request. The clear majority of tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain are ERC-20 compliant As of 2018-07-26, a total of 103621 of ERC-20 compatible tokens are found on Ethereum main network, according to ERC-20 defines a common list of rules for Ethereum tokens to follow within the larger Ethereum ecosystem, allowing developers to accurately predict interaction between tokens. These rules include how the tokens are transferred between addresses and how data within each token is accessed. Currently Ether does not conform to the ERC-20 standard. Protocols which require ERC-20 compliance for trading have created Wrapped Ether tokens as a place holder for ETH. These "WETH" tokens are held in a separate smart contract and pegged to Ether at 1:1.
Exchago match engine allow you to make multi trades, with this we can close more then 2 orders in one match, so in this case we can provide you multi trade engine.
Exchange Solutions - Provides trading system allow you to trade between FIAT and digital currenices between members, our system allow you simpaly give a price for you digital currency and allow you to see other orders. our match engine make trade matches between members and between best options for trade.
Wallets Solutions - Exchago provide wallets solutions allow you to manage, see, transfer yours digital currencies balances.
Merchant - Exchago gives you an option to accept digital currenices from yours website, with IPN notification and API options to check the payments when they done.
POS - start accepting digital currency inside yours store or market place, we provide you a solution that will accept digital currenices from our members instantly.
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